Let’s save the planet all togheter

from February

Young Leaders

Youth can change the world with their ideas and dreams! 

from May


Let’s build a free world where I can be who I am!

from June

Climate Justice

The climate challenge is a cultural challenge, a great opportunity for all artists in the world.

from July


Let’s build a world full of equal opportunities for every person

from September

Gender Equality

let’s free men and women!

from October


All living beings migrate in search of better living conditions.

Coming soon

work in progress

Children's Rights

Childhood is the best season of our life; let’s protect and empower children all over the world!

work in progress

Freedom of expression

There is no right without freedom and there is no freedom without right.

work in progress

Prisoners of Conscience

We will be all free just when no human being is detained or deprived of freedom and liberty.