The campaign aims to raise awareness of the violence and deprivation of rights of the LGBT community with a particular focus on transphobic violence. When will we achieve true integration and will victims and executioners sit at the same table of brotherhood?

Theater Performance

Y Ahora Què ? – with Patrick

Andrade Mendes, by Alessandro Ienzi

Short Film

by Alessandro Ienzi

Upcoming Events

April 30, 2022, 7 p.m.

Y Ahora Què ?

1st Conference and Theater Performance

May 17, 2022, Barcelona, 7 p.m.

Y Ahora Què?

International Day Against Transphobia

May 28, 2022, Bologna 7 p.m.

Y Ahora Que ?

Theater Performance


Equality is a cultural issue.

Free sexual determination is a requirement for all citizens of the world. Culture must help put an end to family wars, denigration, exclusion and violence.
Art must tell the world that everyone must be free to live as they feel deeply inside, respecting their soul and themselves.
Raizes supports equality and freedom, let’s free men and women! Let’s free the thought!